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to washington to address these issues. i hope that as a nation and as a commonwealth, we can do better in the future. you know that as your attorney general, i will continue to fight and address them here with everybody in massachusetts who cares about these issues. thank you. >> larry: that's the speech by the attorney general coakley, conceding the election tonight to scott brown in massachusetts. a historic election. this has been a early edition of "larry king live." we will be back at midnight eastern, 9:00 pacific. we'll do some wednesday morning quarterbacking, as the attorney general said, with our pundits and analysis. all coming at midnight, 9:00 pacific. right now we turn it over to anderson cooper. more analysis and more coverage in haiti and "a.c. 360." anderson? >> larry, thanks very much. a lot of political analysis ahead, but i want to give you a quick update what is happening here in port-au-prince, a week after the quake, seven days. remarkable story tonight, underscoring both the good and the bad, the heart and the heartache. a woman was pulled from the rubble alive.
the panel, a lot of folks. two panels. roland martin, mary matalin. a whole host both in washington and in new york. >>> here in haiti, the second wave of deaths. tense of thousands dying in infections and ganggreen. 20,000 people a day may be dying unnecessarily because of a lack of splice. we'll take you to ground zero of that and show you some doctors that are very upset about the lack of supplies. we'll show you what they go through to get basic supplies to treat their patients. a massive new after shock today. a completely heartwrenching view of the quake as it happened. this is video we're seeing for first time ever. a man captured it all from his balcony. the moment of the earthquake overlooking the city of port-au-prince. that's his view of the quake far away from the buildings of port-au-prince. you can just see off in the distance that huge plume of flame going up. a lot of smoke. eight days ago now, it's been. eight days. just this morning, a nearly 6.0 after shock stunned the city. new damage, new casualties. a whole lot more fear tonight. also today another remarkable s
to the president's call to end the fighting in washington, d.c. they got together today, cameras rolling, questions flying. you can decide for yourself if they're walking the walk. >>> later, he barely blinked when the jury convicted him of first-degree murder. scott roeder had plenty to say about why he walked up to an abortion provider in church, put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. you'll hear it and we'll talk to the doctor picking up the victim eets practice. >>> what is shaping up to be one of the few bits of joy to come out of haiti these days. flight leaving port-au-prince with more than 120 orphans on board including we believe a little boy whose name is jonsley. he's being reunited with his cousins. he's beginning a new life. when we read the report you're about to see, his future wasn't so certain. we met him at an orphanage we visited many times in haiti. there are many more like it and many more girls and boys just like jonsley. take a look. these babies are still living in the back of a truck in the heat with the flies. with an uncertain food supply and a less certain future.
of folks two panels, roland martin, mary matlin, a whole host both in washington, new york and all over the place. near haiti you can the second wave of death, tens of thousands of injured victims dying of infections and gangrene, totally preventible deaths. one doctor's group is saying that as many as 20,000 people a day may be dying unnecessarily because of a lack of supplies. we are going to take you to ground zero of that and show you some doctors who are very upset about the lack of supplies. we are going to show what you they go through just to get basic supplies to treat their patients. on top of that, a massive new aftershock today, completely heart-wrenching new view of the quake as it happened. this video we are seeing for the first time ever, a man capture it had all from his balcony. this is the moment of the earthquake, overlooking the city of port-au-prince. that is his view of the quake, far away from the buildings of port-au-prince. you can just see off in the distance that huge plume of flame going up, a lot of smoke. eight days ago now, it's been, eight days. and just
in our now that they lost the crucial vote. wolf blitzer is in washington with the panel. wolf, we go to you. >> thanks, anderson. it's a very, very significant moment in political history right now here in the nation's capital. there's a new united states senator from the state of massachusetts, scott brown. he decisively beat martha coakley 52% to 47%. they have nice turnover. more than 2 million voted. 99% of the precincts reporting. let's going to scott brown's he had quarters. >> john kink is owe ever there. >> wolf, for the balloon drop a few momenting ago, victory. this is what it looks like in massachusetts. they're up on the stage with supporters. the confetti and xwloons are still falls in this hall. skolt bruin started on off with a con sill tear speech and saying he spoke with president obama and hoped to work with him. we may tribl but to senator kennedy and he said he hoped that people view him as part working. in his remarks scott turned deup fint and he said it says a trillion dollar health care plan and it would raise taxes and kill jobs chls he said he would fight in
understand i'm in washington, d.c., not in haiti. again, the ambassador went on to say how can i comment on things on the ground? if he needs something in the united states, my jurisdiction, i will comment. he went on to say he's not god. our producer said, have you spoke with anyone from the government in haiti? since your last conversation with the producer from the show. the ambassador said, i have no more to tell you. i'm answering no more questions. our producer asked if he had spoken to anyone from his government and he hung up on our producer. no answers there. we headed to the government's temporary command center by the airport and managed to get ahold of the minister of information. take a look. the bodies are just being dumped on the ground. >> which bodies? >> the dead people. >> no, no, no. yes? >> we were at the mass grave. >> generally we collect the bodies because what's happened, we asked people to put the dead bodies near a cemetery or near a church and every day, twice a day we go to collect them. >> you collect them but the company that's collecting them is dumping th
culture of washington, as if he had not been a part of it for the last year. he scolded his own democrats for not behaving like a majority. he also took on republicans on issues. he even took on the supreme court, as john king mentioned, you know, sitting right in front of him. the one question i have coming out of this is what is he going to do on health care? it took 25 minute doors him to get to the issue he spent the last nine months working on f is not dead it is kind of on the side of the road now we don't know where it is. i think it was all but abandoned. >> candy it did seem, he gave no sort of even direction for what he would like to see and, you know, theoretical world, house and senate democrats do, in terms of health care. >> he is often a president who leaves things open to interpretation. and i think this is one of those, because he didn't say here's what i want. i want what's there, pass it now, because the political reality is he is not going to get it. but we saw both a call for bipartisanship and some pretty tough partisanship. we saw any number of things that was on th
our office in washington that she had been buried in a coffin in the cemetery. today we went to the u.s. embassy for answers. do you know we would have been told state side that this particular woman was put in a coffin and buried? >> we don't know where that information came from. from our point here, we don't know the disposition of the remains. the presumption of the family is that the body was taken to a mass grave. that would seem consistent with the way things are done now. >> the mass graves are just outside port-au-prince, two weeks after the quake, we thought we would find them cleaned up, covered over, but it's much worse than that. the dead are still just dumped on the ground. little effort it seems has been made to actually bury them. american or haitian or whatever the nationality, this is not how anyone expected their dead to be treated. this is now how anyone wants their loved one's life to end. the scene at the mass graves today was simply shocking, we expected after two weeks that the haitian government which has been bringing bodies out there would have at least made
intelligence indicated there was a group of somalis who intended to come to washington to detonate explosives on the national mall where the president of the united states, of course, would be taking the oath of office on january 20th and addressing the world with his inaugural address. they took it quite seriously in the last 48 to 72 hours before the inauguration. increasingly they were picking up signs that made them feel like this was a serious and possible threat. they met repeatedly with each other. old team, the bush team, the new team, the obama team, during this transition period in order to figure out what to do about it. it was a moment of quiet tension there for a new president who was just about to take office. >> i understand president obama canceled a rehearsal of the inauguration. when was the president actually briefed? do you know what his reaction was. >> caller: he was kept up to date in the few days leading up to the inauguration. there was one moment in particular we write about in the magazine, the night before the inauguration, his counterterrorism adviser john brennan
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who are going to have a very bad day. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. >>> digging deeper now. bringing back peter bergen. joining us cnn executive producer suzanne simon. she's written a history about the private security of blackwater, now known as z. with us, former cia officer and hunter of osama bin laden. gary bernsten. author of "counterintelligence, counterterrorism & national leadership a practical guide." how does a guy strapped with explosives get on to a u.s. base? >> in that particular case it's likely they were doing a debriefing of some type and failed to search him before he went on the base which is hard to believe that someone who may have been, you know, a perspective informant or someone who was actually a source wouldn't have been searched. it would always be procedure. any time you deal with someone like that you would be searching them. this is an area which is well known to be, you know, full of ieds, full of suicide bombers, right across from the haqqani network. the haqqani network just three months ago used five men with suicide vests with police uni
fired for -- for failing to connect the dots? >> well, i think a number of people in washington have been speculating mr. lighter who runs the national counterterrorism center might well lose his job over this. i was told today that he was safe. that subjects that there may not be a lot of firings on this whole thing. i didn't have the sense in talking to people today that that was coming. instead, what i -- i also asked about a question paul begala raised on this program last night with you, anderson, was the president going to take any responsibility here? after all earthquake didn't insert himself into that list yesterday about taking personal responsibility. and i was told that he did in the meeting yesterday say the buck stops here in affect, i take responsibility and that he would publicly take responsibility. so, this brennan report that's coming out tomorrow may be accompanied by a statement by the president saying, ultimately at the end of the day, i'm the responsible officer here. >> anderson that is precisely what i heard on my way over here from a senior administration of
shaking up washington has some calling for senate majority leader harry reid to resign. the book is "game change" by veteran political reporters mark halperin and john heilemann. my interview with them in a moment. take a look at these remarks senator reid made in 2008. the authors quote reid saying he believed obama could succeed as a black presidential candidate partly because of his, quote, light-skinned appearance and also that he spoke, quote, with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. reid apologized over the weekend and again today. listen. >> i have apologized to the president. i have apologized to everyone within the sound of my voice that i could have used a better choice of words. so i'm -- i'm not going to dwell on this anymore. it's in the book. i've made all the statements i'm going to. >> president obama responded in an interview with cnn political analyst roland martin that's going to air later this month on tv one. here's an excerpt. >> this is a good man who's always been on the right side of history. for him to have used some unartful language in trying to prai
. it turns out he has a connection with mrs. salahi. they both mingled at a party last june in washington. photographed together. the image is from a set of photos on his hush galleria website. he told cnn that he just met her the night this photo was taken and that he doesn't actually know her. and allen's lawyer told the "washington post," the two never spoke to each other about the state dinner and they did not meet in the white house. but on allen's facebook page, he said he is a fan of mrs. salahi and he does have his arm around her in that photo officially more importantly, the breach of security, to let three gate crash enters into the white house. joining us sally quin and francis townsend, under president bush, the homeland security adviser. the two white house crashers and now a third. how could this happen? >> well, it is baffling but i will tell you, this is a very different fact set than the salahis. the salahis themselves entered the compound. this is an individual who figured out, however he did, where the indian delegation was staying. those people, the delegation is under
with the economy and obama presidency. jessica yellin joins us from washington. well-known well-funded democrat in massachusetts to fill the seat held for half a century by ted kennedy. you'd assume she'd win that with a walk. what's happened? >> first of all, compared to what you are seeing in haiti and what people are going through, this does seem insignificant to some extent and puts everything in perspective. that said, i can tell you in massachusetts this election, what is about to happen tomorrow, could be tech tonic for american politics. for president obama and for what it means for every single american and their health care. you ask how did we get here? what happened? bottom line is like so many voters around the nation, folks here in massachusetts are feeling angry and scared. they're angry and scared about the economy, about jobs, about taxes. terrorism and the fears over that. even, and especially in the state, about health care reform in washington, d.c. the republican in this state is a man named scott brown. he was a little-known state senator and he has tapped into that fear an
. the one here, of course, and the one in washington where president obama is trying to stop wall street from gambling with our money then getting bailed out with our money when they lose. once again, we'll be talking to wolf blitzer. he has not angle. along with best political team on television. on the quake, we have a lot to talk about today. new aftershocks today. new pictures of how destructive the first few seconds were and how poorly even outwardly modern buildings did in the shaking. these are government offices. haiti's equivalent of the irs falling to pieces. >>> we've been telling you about the people with treatable conditions dying because medical necessities like aichbt botices are not getting where they're needed. 360 md sanjay gupta went to the airport by himself for accountability. he's keeping them honest tonight. >>> we also went to a pediatric ward today at the hospital. we focused a lot in the last two weeks, last week and a half on orphans being united with parents in the united states. what about all the kids who remain here whose parents have now died? in the pedia
picture from washington. tom? >> what's converging on you is a storm of aid. russia, china, highlighted the big countries. european union nations. south american countries and, of course, the united states, mexico and canada. all of this aid comes in fast and hard toward haiti right here. i'm going to turn this on and move you in a little closer to show you what we're talking about as we move into the island. the simple truth is, anderson, the amount of aid headed your way is truly enormous right now. the question is, how is it going to get settled once it gets there? as we move in closer here i want to show you some of the issues that are at hand. as you move into port-au-prince you can get an idea of how many different agencies are trying to respond here. for example, medical aid, food aid, blankets, all sorts of things coming in here. look at this. international aid. doctors and medical supplies. food and water. security personnel and troops coming from all those countries we showed you before. doctors without borders is bringing in an inflatable hospital with two operating rooms. al
in the north. raymond joseph joins me from washington. what is the latest you hear from your government about the situation on the ground? >> i have not heard a lot from the government except that the counsel general of haiti in miami, florida spoke with the first lady. she said let the world know that the president is fine. i am okay. however, the palace itself has been crumbled and has some damages. some other buildings, top buildings the government like the finance ministry, the commerce ministry has been damaged. earlier in the day i was able to speak to the secretary-general to the president. that was the first person i talked to and the only one i talked to. he was traveling east from port-au-prince in his car on the road called budane, and he said the buildings started to collapse on the right, on the left. he had to get out of his car and start walking. going home not know whether he would reach there. >> we talked, mr. ambassador, a man who said in petionville that there is widespread damage there. there are reports the montana hotel has collapsed. we haven't confirmed those. anyone
up next. cnn has learned a grand jury is investigating is the washington socialites who crashed president obama's dinner. did they lie to the government how they got in? and personal finance expert suze orman giving advice like only she can. >> go to your cookie jar and there's no cookies in your jar, you capital have a cookie. >> hear she thinks is next for the economy. stick around for a big announcement. erica hill and have i it for you. a big announcement that we'll have at the end of the program tonight. we'll be right back. sfx: coin drop sfx: cg have you heard? saving time, money and for the future has never been simpler. regions lifegreen checking and savings accounts come with a personal savings review, up to a $250 annual savings account bonus, and free online and mobile banking for simple and safe banking anytime, anywhere. just drop by or visit regions.com/open to open your accounts and get into the rhythm of saving. regions it's time to expect more. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? >>> breaking news tonight on the now infamous couple who managed to cr
a grand jury is investigating the washington socialites who crashed president obama's firps state dinner. did they lie to the government about how they got in? >>> what's next series continues with personal financial expert suze orman giving advice like only she can. >> go to your cookie jar and there's no cookies in your cookie jar. you can't have a cookie. >> hear what she thinks is next for the economy. >>> you're going to want to stick around for a big announcement. erica hill and i have for you. big announcement that we'll have at the end of the program tonight. we'll be right back. >>> breaking news tonight on the now infamous couple who managed to crash president obama's first state dinner. federal grand jury been convened to investigate whether the salahis lied to government officials about how they got into the november 24th dinner without an invitation. two witnesses, stylists who helped the salahis get ready for the dinner have been subpoenaed to testify. we're joined by cnn national security contributor and former bush homeland security adviser fran townsend. comment on their
of this quickly but left his options decidedly open. >>> now to washington where two hairstylists today testified in the grand jury investigation involving that couple who ashed the white house state dinner. the style. is are sharing the conversations they had with today, and michaele salahi when they spent hours getting ready for the party. full disclosure? that is my own hairdresser. really. that's peggy. >> that guy? >> the woman with him. say what you want about mikee salahi, she had good blowout that night. >>> federal investigators are looking into whether they made false statements to the secret service. a felony which could mean up to five years. >> i love that you had to disclose that. >> i just had to admit it. >> in case there is any controversial about that later. >> i'm a good journalist that way. >> you can join the live chat we're having at ac360.com. still ahead, the latest from haiti. breathe right, the small strip that gives you... big nighttime breathing relief... introduces-- drum roll please-- new breathe right extra. the only strip with an extra spring-like band, it's 50% st
to work. imagine if the white house in washington were destroyed in an earthquake. the horrors of that are exactly what the haitian people are going through. the physical and symbolic devastation is very raw. this area has been the site of haitian leaders since the 1700s, but this particular palace wasn't built until the early 1900s. construction began in 1914 but it's been destroyed before. the construction site was burned down in 1915 by mobs who assassinated the president. it's been the home of many scoundrels. the two most infamous, papa and john duvala. the current president is rene preval. he wasn't here when it happened but it's unknown how many people died inside. to make things even worse, the parliament building was also destroyed and the equivalent of the u.s. supreme court, the palace of justice, also flattened. >> it's a catastrophe but we are working with the help of the international community to rebuild the country. >> reporter: in addition the palace is home to sensitive as well as classified material. it's too dangerous to search for in this building right now
, wolf blitzer standing by in washington with the day's big political news. >> anderson, thanks so much. you guys are doing an amazing, amazing job. all of us are grateful to you for what you're doing. a lot of raw politics here in the united states tonight. starting with the news that sent bank stocks plunging today. one year after his full day in office, president obama called for new limits on wall street banks. listen to this. >> we have to enact common sense reforms that will protect american taxpayers and the american economy from future crises as well. for while the financial system is far stronger today than it was one year ago it's still operating under the same rules that led to its near collapse. never again will the american taxpayer be held hostage by a bank that is too big to fail. >> the president's proposal needs the approval of congress to take effect, but there was no mistaking a change in mr. obama's tone. he said today he's ready for a fight if that's what the financial industry wants. he made a promise to the nation's mayors telling them his budget for the upcoming
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a live report from washington in a moment. >>> a big night and big challenge for president obama in his first state of the union address. he is putting the focus back on the economy, hoping to get his presidency and his party back on track, heading into the midterm
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)